With over 30 years in the woodworking industry, Z Man the Bee Man provides trusted 

craftsmanship using the highest quality materials in the business.

The Difference

Cutting edge research shows rough sawn hive boxes are increasingly beneficial to the health of bees.  The rough sides encourage bees to propolize the interior, creating an anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral hive.

Locally Constructed

Z Man the Bee Man is a native of Eastern North Carolina and local business owner you can trust to provide you with everything you need, whether you are new to beekeeping or a seasoned professional.



Complete Bee Hive 

Assembled 8 to 10 Frame

with Freeman Bottom Tray


Smooth Hive Box

8 and 10 Frame


Rough Sawn Interior Hive Box

 8 and 10 Frame


Screen Bottoms

8 and 10 Frame


Add $18.00 for Freeman Tray

Frame Telescoping Top

8 and 10 Frame


Frame Inner Cover

8 and 10 Frame


Assemble, Putty, & Sand

Hive Box


Varroa Easycheck
8 & 10 Frame Queen Excluder
10-1/2" Hive Tool


Medium or Deep Frame $1.50
Medium or Deep Wax Foundation $1.50
1 Gallon Pale Feeder
Premium Bee Brush
10 Frame to 9 Frame Spacer
8 Frame to 7 Frame Spacer
9 Frame to 10 Frame Spacer
Plastic Pale Opener


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